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To drive cost of health care down and quality up and increase ACCESS to Health 
- first in South Africa, SADC then Africa.

And to significantly increase ACCESS to Health.

Company Purpose, Goals and Values

  • As a Kingdom of God enterprise, we are committed to operating according to Biblical principles, especially of honesty, fairness and integrity.
  • Staff and Customers are our precious assets, whom we value and endeavor at all times to respect, serve and reward.
  • We take cognizance of our environment in all our affairs, to ensure its preservation and indeed its enhancement wherever possible.
  • The well-being and social upliftment of our Community is considered part of our responsibility. Our commitment is borne out by Life Foundation Trust owning 20% of Prior's shares, in order to have a formal vehicle for Prior to fund into Godly Ministries & Social upliftment.
  • Through revelation, we aim to keep bringing innovative inventions & solutions.