Healthcare for everyone made simple with the Prior Mobile Health Voucher
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A simple, cost effective way for Low Income earners to gain access to Health.
  • Ideal for your Corporate Employers.
  • They can buy a batch of Prior Mobile Vouchers and issue to a Staff Cell Phone Number only as and when required, i.e. they are sick.
  • No monthly contribution, no underwriting, no cross subsidization and no cash risks.
  • Doctors and Clinics payment into their Bank Account overnight.
  • National footprint of Health Service Providers. (Private Doctors and Clinics).
  • Broker fee per Voucher bought by your Employer Groups.
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A simple, cost effective way for Low Income earners to gain access to Health or when  Medical Scheme Benefits used up.
  • Brings Equality to Employee Benefits.
  • Corporate Employers can buy a Batch of minimum of 5 Prior Mobile Vouchers and issue to a Staff Cell No. only as and when they are sick.
  • No monthly Premium.
  • No monthly contribution, no underwriting, no cross subsidization and no cash risks.
  • National footprint of Health Service Providers. (Private Doctors). This allows your Staff to book an appointment, and get back to work ASAP.
  • New, unique innovative Product (Funeral Cover and Health Insurance Products over saturated).
  • Huge demand from low income earners to gain acces to Health.
  • Will bring many feet to the door.
  • Ideal way of activating dormant Accounts.
  • Ideal product for recurring spend.
  • Revenue Share per Voucher sold for retailer.
Individual Purchaser
  • Anyone can buy a Prior Mobile Health Voucher.
  • Send the Voucher to a family member or SMS to any other party.
  • Household employers can purchase for their Domestic staff.
  • Medical scheme Members can purchase for when their annual benefits are used up.
How to buy a voucher: Pay via EFT:
Prior Ditema Deposit a/c
FNB Carlswald Code: 250117
Account no: 62597628480
Pay by Debit OR Credit Card or visit any one of our retail outlet stores (coming soon).
Doctors (Family Practioners) & Clinics
  • Cash paying patients without the risk of cash at practice.
  • Prior Customers arrive as Patients and show their Mobile Voucher No. & Voucher Pin.
  • Once Practice is Registered, you can redeem the Voucher via the Prior Portal.
  • Payment is made overnight to your designated Bank Account by Prior.
  • Doctor or practice manager is able to check Voucher is still valid before treating patient.
Vouchers can be purchased through Retail Stores or directly off this website. Employers may purchase directly off the website, provided they are Registered.
Once paid for, the Voucher Number will be automatically  sent to the Cell Phone number of the User. The User can then present this Voucher to any one of our Doctors(Family Practitioners & Clinics) for the patient Visit/Consultation. There are  thousands of Doctors already in our Prior Health Service Provider Network, however, these will only become active in the areas as and where we roll out.
As you the Patient attend the Doctor, show your Health Voucher No. on your cell phone. The Doctor will check the Voucher is valid, then attend to your Consultation. (You do not pay the Doctor). On completion, the Doctor will redeem the Voucher from Prior, who will pay for the Consultation/ Health Service directly to the practice.
Dr Consultation
Dr Consultation and Medicine
Rustenburg Clinic Consultation
Rustenburg Special Consultation plus Meds
Private Clinics
Dental - Extraction
Dental - Restoration (Filling)
Dental - Cleaning
Medici - Telemed
Prices Exclude VAT
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